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Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame 

Formed in 1999, the purpose of the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame is to honour and perpetuate the names and accomplishments of players, coaches, officials, and members of the provincial rugby community whose dedication and competitive achievements have brought lasting fame to the sport of rugby in Ontario.

To date, 72 individuals and two teams have been inducted into the Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame.

Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Class of 2016 

Ken Courser

- Member of the Brantford Harlequins (1978-present)
- Served in various executive positions within Brantford Harlequins RFC (Social Director, Secretary, Vice-President, Treasurer, Fixtures) (1982-Present)
- President, Brantford Harlequins (1989-1992, 1994, 1996-1998, 2010-present)- Helped to put together a high school rugby league in Brantford
- Coordinated various fundraisers and programs which contributed to the overall financial and participatory success of the Brantford Harlequins

Bruce Gage

- Has coached Balmy Beach RFC for 35+ years (1980-present)
- Coached Balmy Beach RFC to Two Carling Cup Championships and 11 McCormick Cup Championships
- Coached Ontario Senior Men's Rugby Team to 3 MacTier Cups (1990-1999)
- Coached Ontario Men's Rugby Teams in friendlies vs. "Young Canada", North East United States and Leicester (2004-2006)

Lesley (Tubbs) and Gladys (Gee) Gage - Inducted Posthumously (Presented to the Gage family)

- Active members of Balmy Beach RFC (1960-2007)
- President of Balmy Beach RFC (Tubbs: 1968-1972)
- Ontario Rugby Union Selector (Tubbs: 1968-1974)
- Managers of Balmy Beach RFC Men's 1st XV (1983-1999)
- Championship for Ontario Sr. Men's Second Teams named the Gee Gage Cup (1999)
- Balmy Beach RFC Field renamed the "Tubbs and Gee Gage Rugby Field" (2003)

Julie McGann

- Earned seven International Caps with Canada; Can-am Game (1992), Canada Cup (1993), World Cup (1994)
- 10-year career with Ontario, winning four National Championships (1990-2000)
- Member of Brampton Beavers Rugby Club (1990-2000)
- Also played for Lindsay RFC (2003-2005), Peterborough Pagans (2006), Toronto Lions (2009-2010), Bournemouth RFC (2011-2012)
- At 40 years old, played in the World Rugby Classic Bermuda representing the Canadian Over 40 Team (2007) 

Cec Moody

- One of the Founding Fathers of High School Rugby in Ontario
- Founded and coached Lawrence Park High School's Rugby Program (1970's-2000's)
- The Leadership in School Sport Award - OFSAA Boys AAA Rugby
- Played for Ontario's provincial team (1970's)
- Played for Toronto Scottish RFC (1970's and 1980's)

Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame Inductees:


Paul Ambrose (2007)

Bob Illman (2007)

Ron Moss (2006)

Hedley Benyon (2006)

Robert Jenkins (2014)

Larry Nancekivell (2002)

David Boswell (1999)

George Jones (1999)

Ian Nicoll (2005)

Simon Blackwell (2008)

Ken Jones (2008)

George Pay (2000)

John Brown (1999)

Kevin Jones (2007)

Allen Piggott (2013)

Eamonn Browner (2001)

Ron Jones (2001)

John Platts (2002)

David Burnett (2013)

Trevor Jones (2013)

Tony Postlethwaite (2006)

George Carson (2000)

Vince Jones (1999)

John Reich (2013)

Al Charron (2006)

Helen Kaira (2006)

Dai Rhys-Jones (2000)

Brian Chatland (2008)

Chris Krause (2000)

Hal Rowan (1999)

Ken Courser (2016)

Bob Lipsett (2015)

John Russell (2001)

Bill Curtis (2004)

Dave Lougheed (2015)

Ken Smith (2002)

Norm Donaldson (1999)

Bishop G. Marshall (1999)

Karl Svoboda (2014)

Anthony Earl (2000)

Ian MacMillan (2014)

David Swift (2003)

Bob Elder (2004)

Jim McCann (2005)

Glenn Tarver (2008)

Denis Fletcher (2002)

Julie McGann (2016)

Heather Vesh (2005)

Arthur Fowler (2000)

Tony McGann (2015)

Natascha Wesch (2007)

Bruce Gage (2016)

Vic McCormick (2001)

Phil White (2014)

Tubs & Gee Gage (2016)

Bob McGeein (2008)

Brian Williams (1999)

Iain Greig (2008)

Rev. Fred Miller (1999)

Mike Williams (2014)

John Guilfoyle (2003)

Gina Minutillo (2003)

Paul Wilson (2007)

David Harris (2015)

Ed Mitchell (2003)

Stan Woodburn (2001)

Monty Heald (2004)

Malcolm ‘Mac’ Mitchell (2006)

Millar Young (2002)

James Hugh (2001)

Cec Moody (2016)

Murray Young (2004)


Markham Irish Canadian Rugby Club 1st XV; 1962-1973 (2015)

Ottawa Irish Rugby Club 1st XV; 1986-1992 (2015)

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