Competition Introduction Coaching Course

NCCP Rugby Competition Introduction / World Rugby Level 2

This course is designed to provide coaches with the skills needed to coach teenage and adult players in the club or school environment. It is extremely important that coaches have an understanding of rugby before taking this course is delivered over 18 hours.

The presence of sport in a person’s life carries enormous benefits for social, physical and personal development while broadening cultural awareness. Rugby is a uniquely inclusive sport, and you as the coach hold a position of genuine influence over the player’s rate of personal development and their sense of community and self-worth.

The Competition Introduction course aims to develop coaches who know how to coach as well as what to coach. The coach demonstrates your current level of competence and course explores Game knowledge and Coaching Process Skills. The course outline is as follows:

The course will be delivered through a range of methods and will be highly interactive. Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to practice your coaching skills. Grasp this opportunity for feedback from your World Rugby Educator and your peers. These opportunities will also form the foundation of your competency-based assessment.

To register for this course all participants must complete the following:

  1. Register as a coach with
  2. Select the NCCP Competition Introduction Course option to suit.
  3. Complete the following World Rugby Certificates at
    • World Rugby Rugby Ready online module
    • World Rugby Concussion Management module (Healthcare Professional NOT PRESENT AT TIME OF INJURY)
    • World Rugby Laws Test
  4. Save your World Rugby certificates to your computer as PDFs
  5. Return to your profile at and upload all three certificates to your profile
  6. Register for the NCCP Competition Introduction clinic you wish to take.

Once the course is completed the coach will be trained at the NCCP Competition / World Rugby Level 2, and will then need to complete the following to gain certified status:

  • Coaching diary submission:

    Satisfactorily complete a diary for a team that is being coached in the current or next Rugby season. The diary should cover a minimum cycle of four practices and two games within that cycle. The diary should provide evidence of a coach’s ability to apply the ‘Plan, Do, Review’ model. The coach’s progress during the course will be tracked on the NCCP Competition Introduction transcript. This serves as the ongoing assessment tool.
  • Evaluation:

    A full practice plan including the date, time and venue should be submitted to the local Rugby Union no later than 21 days prior to the requested date of the evaluation itself.


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