Provincial Leagues

Rugby Ontario Senior Women's Leagues

Rugby Ontario operates one senior women's league, the Ontario Women's League (OWL).

The Ontario women's league is the province's top division of women's club rugby.

The clubs playing in the OWL: Aurora Barbarians, Oakville Crusaders, Toronto Saracens, Toronto Scottish, Waterloo County, and Yeomen Lions.

Each club in the OWL will field both a 1st and 2nd XV for the duration of the season. Clubs will have the option of running additional XV teams, either playing in Branch Union leagues or in exhibition games against other additional XV teams.

At the end of the season, the 6th-place OWL team will participate in the Women’s Intermediate Cup against the top teams from the Niagara Rugby Union and Toronto Rugby branch leagues for a chance to retain a position in the OWL in 2015.


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