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For a comprehensive guide to rugby sevens, be sure to check out the IRB's "A Beginner's Guide to Rugby Union" - Rugby Sevens, the Olympic Dream

The online guide features an overview of the sport, the demands of rugby sevens, and the introduction of rugby sevens to the Olympic games.

Sevens (7s) 

Rugby sevens is sanctioned by the World Rugby, and is played under substantially the same laws and on a field of the same dimensions as the 15-player game. While a normal rugby union match lasts at least 80 minutes, a normal sevens match consists of two halves of seven minutes with a one-minute half-time break. The final of a competition can be played over two halves of ten minutes each, with a half-time break of two minutes. (In the World Rugby Sevens World Series, only the Cup final, which determines the overall winner of an event, is played with 10-minute halves; all finals for lower-level trophies are played with 7-minute halves.) This allows rugby tournaments to be completed in a day or a weekend. However, sevens scores are generally comparable to union scores; scoring occurs much more frequently in sevens, since the defenders are more spaced out.

Sevens is a game of speed, skill and strength. There are different skill sets required from sevens athletes in comparison with fifteen a-side athletes. It is played by Rugby’s fastest and fittest athletes, both male and female. Currently, it is played in major multi-sport events such as Olympic, World, Commonwealth, Youth Commonwealth, Asian, and Pan American Games involving most nations in the world. 

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On October 9th, 2009, the 121st International Olympic Committee Session in Copenhagen voted almost unanimously to recognize sevens as an Olympic sport to debut in 2016 Rio de Janeiro. 

The World Rugby strategic plan intends for the re-entry of Rugby to the Olympics via sevens to be instrumental in taking the game to new territories and regions around the world.

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Rugby World Cup of Sevens

Every four years the worlds best sevens athletes compete in the Rugby World Cup of Sevens.

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World Rugby Sevens Series 

Each year, World Rugby has a global tournament that is competed for by the best nations in the world. The eight-stop competition takes in countries such as Dubai, USA, South Africa, Scotland and New Zealand. 

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