The Rugby Ontario Way

Rugby Ontario is thrilled to release The Rugby Ontario Way. This material builds on the previously available document Rugby Canada’s Community and Country to provide players, coaches, parents, officials, club administrators and every other rugby stakeholder in Ontario a clear direction on developing rugby. The Rugby Ontario Way is key to implementing the principles of Long-Term Rugby Development and enhancing each individuals enjoyment of rugby.

The rationale for this document is to clearly outline the developmental needs of athletes at each stage of the LTRD.  This is done by defining five specific player capacities:

  • Technical Capacities - Rugby-specific skills necessary to play the game effectively.
  • Tactical Capacities - Understanding of the game and application of its principles to achieve goals.
  • Physical Capacities - The physical characteristics specifically related to maturation and development
  • Mental Capacities - Psychological skills and strategies related to effective performance
  • Lifestyle Capacities - Self-awareness, self-development and establishing a balanced perspective.

    The Rugby Ontario Way outlines key skills and principles for each of the five capacities at each stage of the LTRD.

The other key piece of The Rugby Ontario Way is that it defines key roles for the player and coach at each stage, as well as what the game should be accomplishing.

This resource is constantly being improved and expanded upon.  In the coming months Rugby Ontario will be releasing additional materials specifically targeted at developing key skills for each stage.  For example, we are currently hard at work to bring resources that will show exercises and games to build evasion skills for each stage of development.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this material please contact us!  

Rugby Canada's Community and Country

The Rugby Ontario Way

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