Stage 8: Active for Life


Active for Life

Community and Retention 


The Player - Active Participant

Not all participants will complete each of the steps of the Rugby Ontario Way.  Players can transition into Active for Life after any stage and continue to enjoy rugby. Most Ontario club teams are recognized under Stage 8. This stage makes up the majority of rugby played and is the key component of the Canadian Sports for Life Model. Keeping more people involved in sports is good for the health of the nation and the growth of rugby.


Players finish playing for many reasons: age, injury, family commitments, business and vocational goals, etc. For the game to develop there are many areas where ex-players can contribute.



Potential roles open to ex-players include:


Administrator/Volunteer - become an active member of a club, region, branch, union or group either as a volunteer or paid administrator.


Development - become involved in player and/or coach development by undertaking education as a coach, learning facilitator or mentor.


Referee - become involved in officiating and/or referee development by undertaking education as a referee, referee coach or performance reviewer.



Promote rugby by relaying positive personal experiences and highlighting the spirit of rugby as a parent, friend, relative, teacher or sponsor.



Enjoy rugby as a supporter and recreational player, contributing to the identity and social aspects of rugby at all levels.


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